Planting Oxford

At Gallagher Gardens we pride ourselves on our plant knowledge, when to plant and what plants work best for the environment in which they are being planted.

Formal planting

Great strength and order can be achieved by only using a small selection of plants but in quantity. Plants grown en masse can create an orderly and clean look. 


With many years experience in planting, we know which plants work with the different styles of formal planting and can achieve the symmetry and balance formal planting brings.

Informal planting

Informal planting appears as a wealth of different plants, trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and annuals. All of these add to the organised chaos of informal planting and create a dramatic effect of colour, texture and shape. 

We just love getting creative with plants and bringing life to gardens across London. Not only does it bring joy to our clients to see their flower beds bursting with colour, It also keeps nature ticking along nicely and in such a built up city that can only be a good thing!