Decking Oxford

We specialise in building hardwood decking, softwood decking and composite decking.

Decking is certainly a popular choice as it can either bring a naturalistic feel to the garden or a modern contemporary aesthetic.

Softwood decking is the most cost effective decking and can be stained or painted and with regular maintenance can last for many years and look great.

Hardwood decking is far more durable than softwood and as expected the price reflects this. Hardwood will give a contemporary, luxurious feel to any garden and will age beautifully with regular oiling.

Composite decking is an alternative to timber and whilst it is the most expensive it is by far the most durable. It is made with recycled plastic and wood. This type of decking is becoming more and more popular as it is eco-friendly in nature and helps to save forests as it can be used as an alternative to wood. It also comes in a variety of colours so no need for maintenance, only cleaning and it looks like the real thing!

Decking is a great choice for roof terraces where weight has to be a consideration. It is also a perfect solution where space may be at a premium or to level a sloped garden, or simply just to create a divider between other hard landscaping materials in the garden, creating areas of interest.