Below are four varied examples of our recent work, a brief description of the client vision and how we achieved this.


Christchurch Avenue, NW2

Our client preferred a natural design with structures and materials which would tie in with the existing trees and plants.

The natural choice was to use hardwood for a decking/seating area. Our client wanted to make a feature of the tree that stood in the centre of the garden so we proposed building the deck around the tree and creating two levels for added interest.

An existing shed stood in the corner of the garden, which the client preferred to keep. We paved a small area around the shed with natural sandstone, bringing it back to life and making it more accessible.

We suggested a circular lawn as the decking had two square levels. The circular shape of the lawn softened the edges of the garden and the contrast worked well. The final touch was laying pea shingle around the edges and beds. This added yet another layer to the garden finishing it off nicely and tying all the materials together.


Melrose Avenue, NW2

Our client had recently bought the property and wanted to add value by laying a driveway, planting and building gates using cedar wood.

Our client preferred a contemporary feel but didn't want costs to escalate too much as it can easily do with some granite stone. Block paving was the perfect solution as material costs are very reasonable and the dark grey colour complimented the contemporary feel of the property nicely.

With their busy lifestyle they needed low maintenance plants which complimented the driveway and property but required little upkeep.

We suggested using Bamboo behind the front garden wall, Bamboo are very low maintenance and would also create a screen for added privacy. The remaining plants were chosen to compliment the existing palms, which the client was keen to keep.

The beauty of cedar wood was a great choice for the gates, complimenting the block paving and planting scheme very well.They also added a much needed flash of colour to the design.


St Charles Square, W10

As you can see from the images when our client purchased the property the garden had been quite neglected. The garden was mainly one level which provided no functionality at the height it was. We proposed using the level to our advantage having a higher level at the rear of the garden to capture more of the sun and digging down nearer the house to create one level from property to garden.

Installing batten screening on either side of the garden not only added aesthetics but also gave our client privacy from overlooking windows in such a built up area.

Our clients main goal for their garden was to achieve functionality but was still keen to create an interesting garden with the space they had available. Creating two levels in the garden added the interest and the use of different materials, natural stone next to oak sleeper beds, with a strip of hardwood decking separating the two created form, texture and colour.


Elm Grove, NW2

On the initial consultation our client already had very clear ideas regarding the design and presented us with a very precise drawing of what he wanted to achieve.

We followed our clients instructions to the millimeter achieving the vision he had for his front garden.